Rage 2 Is A Chaotic And Colourful Cousin To Doom And Wolfenstein (TSA)

TSA writes: "Look, I know Rage wasn’t most raved about game of 2011, its engine was too clever by half for the consoles and PCs of the day, it fell into the trap of forgetting to bring more than one colour to the table (brown, of course), and its post apocalyptic setting was thoroughly overdone at that point, but maybe there’s hope for Rage 2?

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Hardiman41d ago

Really can't wait to jump into the world that Avalanche has created! I enjoyed the original but it was a little on the short side but that can be forgiven, what can't is the lack of an ending! That said I think RAGE is perfect for the open world treatment and Avalanche is well versed in that department and hopefully will deliver a more fleshed out game! I'm really excited for RAGE 2!!!!