Gamedaily: Fable II Review

Gamedaily writes: "One of Microsoft's bigger holiday releases for the Xbox 360, Fable II, finally hits shelves this week. We waited four years for this sequel to the enjoyable Xbox original, and thankfully, Peter Molyneux and his crew at Lionhead Studios surpassed expectations.

Like the original, Fable II puts you in charge of your own fate. You can be the noblest of heroes or a complete jackass, with your appearance changing depending on your decisions. Even small actions have an effect on those around you. You can easily woo women (or men) with fanciful dancing or insulting them by making fart noises. Probably the most heart-tugging relationship in the whole game, however, is the one with your dog. He'll follow you to the far ends of the world, sniffing out treasure and whining when he doesn't know where you're headed."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Another TURD in Microsoft's grand toilet


Zerodin3651d ago

Your azn has no power here.

shutupandplay3651d ago

Sony fanboys have been trolling harder than ever after the fable 2 release.

Montrealien3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Just started this game, should be some good fun, I really enjoyed the first one and the second one seems to be getting great reviews. On an other note, I can't wait for LBP also, they will be on the same shelf in my livving room. These are just two of the great releases this holiday season, what a good time to be a gamer!

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