Islamic perspective on LBP recall - Gameplayer

Quotes from article "Head scratching, knee-jerk reaction? We certainly thought so, and it seems that we're not alone. We recently received a phone call from Mr Keysar Trad from the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, and he was similarly mystified as to Sony's decision to go into LBP meltdown..."

"For the benefit of our international readers, Mr Trad himself has become a highly controversial figure in Australia due to many of his activities, comments and views on matters relating to Islam. Most of his media notoriety relates to his former role as an interpreter and spokesperson for Sheik Taj El-Din Hilaly."

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Voozi3701d ago

That was refreshing to read from him, and I totally agree with what he said

But yea you guys are in for a treat once LBP is released, I played a little of it today and wow...the first *actual* level (meaning not a mini game type level) I did that wasn't in the beta (cause the levels that you played in the beta are the first levels in the game) made me right as the level started and I did what I had to do to start it off (wont spoil it) I just smiled and was like "wow that was cool =D" and was one of those inner little kid smiles too haha

Oh and the level I'm talking about is ironically the level with the "banned" song, was a really catchy song too lol, even unlocked it in the game XD

Coke-a-Cola3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

I hope Sony learns from this ordeal ..............