Mac & PC Fanboys Get Gruesome in an Evil Dead Meets West Side Story Street Fight (Video)

Ripten: "If you thought video game fanboys were serious about their console of choice, get ready to witness Mac and PC advocates lay their lives on the line in an epically brutal street fight courtesy of Canada based studio, The Acid Factory.

In short, several Mac lovers, dressed in "Steve Jobs" black, go toe-to-toe with what appears to be the "Revenge of the Nerds" PC club. If you've ever wondered what a West Side Story meets Evil Dead Mac vs PC mash-up would look like, you're in for a treat.

A warning for the squeamish, while this video does feature a musical flair, it's loaded with gore, blood, and guts - literally. Alright, you've been warned, hit the jump and enjoy the geeked-out carnage in all its glory..."

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keanerie3650d ago

love em but can't afford em

Nostradavis3650d ago

Didn't you learn anything from the video? Just use your PC to beat a Mac owner over the head! And when they are knocked out, simply take the PowerBook from them! :)

UltimateIdiot9113650d ago

No no no, PC users don't need to bash their PC, just use those thousands of AOL disc like ninja stars.

Nostradavis3650d ago

That is an interesting idea...

enjoi1873650d ago

ill take a mac ...for free

PsychicShadow3649d ago

That was a hilarious vid. Go macs!

uckitsayitchbay3649d ago

Mac = Phail... and anyone who says mac's never crash has never had one... I'll take Vista Ultimate 64 bit over leapord any freaking day

SaiyanFury3649d ago

Just like the Youtube video. "Macs don't crash - The Tobacco industry".

Quickedie3649d ago

I will take XP SP2 over sucking Vista Ultimate ANY day!

I also must admit I very much like Leopard even though it sucks for gaming.