Is the Final Fantasy Franchise Doomed?

With declining sales and changing mechanics Final Fantasy is no longer the titan it once was. Luke Luby looks ahead to see if the franchise is doomed.

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SuperSonic91136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Ever since Sakaguchi left FF it was all downhill.
It was just Nomura's style over substance.
Sad sad story.

This is why the FFVII Remake is Square Enixes solution.
Next should be FFVI Remake.

The Thrill Is Gone by BB King

Godmars290137d ago

Only the mainline, "numbered", entries. Doomed to be ambitiously over promised and produced. Then undelivered and compromised, especially in terms of story.

G3ng4r136d ago

Even there ffxv sold fine. Name alone ensures the franchise can take a beating but it is a shadow of its ffiv-ix self.

bouzebbal136d ago

the question is valid.
not sure where they want to take the series but the last episodes have really been way below in terms of quality and enjoyment. FF15 is the first FF i didn't even bother to finish. It was just too bland and boring.

They need to go back to heroic fantasy with the next episode and bring back some oldschool mechanics but dynamic combat if they want.

Seraphim136d ago

I had a blast with XV when it released. I thoroughly enjoyed it though the story, revolving only around Noctis was ill conceived. Splitting the characters story lines and packaging them as DLC was a major blow to the overall quality of the game as well. An RPG is one genre that needs to be packaged as a story driven experience; imo. XV's story would have been much better if they split off those characters as playable side missions instead of disappearing acts during the story. I don't know how I feel about DLC in RPGs but I've yet to really see anything done properly outside The Witcher. Though I was never interested in XVs DLC plan so never did play the DLC.

From what I can recall every other FF has had a story that focused on several party members. Really though, that's the only glaring knock of XV; it's story. Well maybe how slow the car was as well and the time wasted driving. But the rest of the game was great. Hunting Contracts, Fishing, Dungeons, combat... So if they take this formula and create a robust story driven experience around it then XVI is going to be a phenomenal game.

Regardless, Final Fantasy as a series is far from dOOmed. It still has a large fan base and is constantly gaining new fans through each generation of children growing up.

bouzebbal136d ago

with FF15 something wasn't right for me..
i couldn't feel there was a massive threat in the world.
it was just poorly written, highly overhyped and the main characters were really annoying (all of them) and didn't look like some who would actually save the world.
it was a bad game and a massive letdown..

Bhuahahaha136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

i still havent played it.
story (for what i read and what my gaming buddies told me) doesnt interest me

thatguyhayat136d ago

You might as well wait for the complete complete completed edition. Biggest let down in the franchise. They have more dlc planned

Bhuahahaha136d ago

i see thanks. i might give the complete ed a try

chris235136d ago

it has actually been dead since ffx.

CorndogBurglar136d ago

Holy crap. I finally agree with chris235.

He's right. FFX was the last good FF.

UltraNova136d ago

Agreed too. After FFX the FF series was unrecognizable.

Genova84136d ago

XII was solid. I hear people actually like Xi and XIV too, so this article seems silly. Just because XIII and XV were let downs doesn't mean the series is dead. If they ever gave us the teboot of VII, us fan boys would be pissing ourselves.

SamPao136d ago

I liked XIII. Y'all can hate all you want but there are a quiet few that liked it :D

136d ago
Old McGroin136d ago

I loved 14 but that was nothing like a traditional FF. I remember being glued to 10, it was amazing at the time and you're right, it hasn't been the same since.

Eiyuuou136d ago

Well, anything can change I suppose.

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