Fan remakes the intro of Metal Gear Solid with modern graphics

Ever wondered what the Metal Gear Solid intro would look like on modern hardware? Well, you’re in luck. Erasmus Brosdau, a games art director who has worked on games like Ryse, Crysis and Star Citizen has remade the entire introduction sequence using the Unreal Engine, and the results are impressive. It gives you an idea of the what the classic game would look with today’s technology.

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Nyxus706d ago

Yes, with his powerful psychic abilities.

Nykamari706d ago

First run in with was a Psychotic Event!!!! Crazy and slick at the same time

Derceto706d ago

Far better than anything Konami would do for this series. I have no doubt of that.

If they were to remake this game, it would be a comical blunder of proportions which, only Konami has the ineptitude to achieve.

PhantomS42706d ago

"Some fantastic changes that fans have been asking for like Codex call: $5.99/call and new features like pachinko boss fights. Fight Ocelot in this new revolutionary gameplay mechanic." and "because of the massive popularity of Metal Gear Survive the entire game is a survival game now, craft sticks to take down enemies. "

Foxhound922706d ago


A surveillance camera???

What's a Russian gunship doing here???

proudly_X706d ago

Wow... emotional., reminds me of my Childhood.

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The story is too old to be commented.