7 RPGs That Prove Old-School Combat Isn't Dead

Twinfinite Writes: Turn-based, old-school RPGs have been undergoing something of a renaissance the last few years, and there's a handful of games, in particular, that show the classic style of battle system isn't going away any time soon.

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MunchMiller00136d ago

Writing off old game design as "outdated", is one of the dumbest and most simple minded stances to take. The world still plays games that are centuries old, and happily. If it's fine for them to age and still be accepted, then it's fine for any game to age, and still be accepted.

"Old-school combat" isn't dead, and was never close to being so. You simply have these companies that want to chase the latest trend to "maximize profit".

Meanwhile, there is a market for old style games, that is finally being taken seriously again, after the wave of stupidity that wrote it off as, "archaic". I for one, am glad to see "old-school" game design making a resurgence, including, turn-based combat games.

Smokehouse136d ago

Darkest dungeon! I have bought that game like 4 times.

NecrumOddBoy136d ago

Octopath Traveler doesn't have oldschool combat other turned-based I guess. It has a unique battle system that innovates turn-based gameplay. Persona also nails this and P5 has excellent combat.

FallenAngel1984136d ago

You know action based RPGs are old school as well.

thorstein136d ago

7 Clicks. Eff off, twinfinite.

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