Far Cry 5 Looped the Same Day Repeatedly

A presentation for this year's Siggraph convention revealed that Far Cry 5 would loop the same in-game day repeatedly because Ubisoft had lighting issues with the game's Sun & Moon.

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raWfodog46d ago

It's Groundhog Day, Far Cry-style.

Howardr00746d ago

Seemed they had an issue with weather too.. can't knock them too much though. Far cry 5 was an immense game and experience. Although it was very similar to previous felt fresh and new .
A little atmospheric weather next time maybe Ubisoft ?

ShadowWolf71245d ago

Seemed to have an issue with wrapping up the story too. :P

Kyizen45d ago

I hope RDR2 has atmospheric weather the storms in RDR1 were amazing so I hope that detail is upped in RDR2

AAWELLS0945d ago

I'd count on that actually. RDR2 is going to blow people away. Rockstar Games always outshines previous entries.

chris23545d ago (Edited 45d ago )

don‘t know about that. but it will most likely have loot boxes and micro transactions. and online modes *g*
rockstar is dead. they are only interested in moneymaking online modes anymore. yikes.

RosweeSon46d ago

Bit like how they loop most of their series good games but man they love a yearly churn new area new number on the end New enemy same game

Kabaneri46d ago

The lack of snow and rain was disappointing but the game was atmospheric nonetheless.

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The story is too old to be commented.