CAPCOM: Resident Evil 2 Graphics to be Almost Movie-Like Quality, Keywords Are Wetness and Darkness

CAPCOM explained that the technical advances of the RE Engine allow Resident Evil 2 graphics to be almost movie-like in quality.

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KaiPow47d ago

Their CGI movies have usually been quite well done, so that's not a farfetched opinion to have.

rpvenom47d ago

graphically so far from gameplay videos, the game looks great and will be a masterpiece.. i'm still not sold on claire's face.. or even the little girl's face.. they are just not appealing at all..

TricksterArrow47d ago

They don't have to be appealing. That being said, they are. Claire on the PS1 CGI looked almost like a boy.

bumsick47d ago

can't wait for this. Also, i feel another keyword should be: fire! from what i remember of the original's outside areas.

sammarshall10247d ago

I'm happy this game is being made it's so atmospheric

airshiraz47d ago

it was not so good in trailers though.

Nano_predator47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

The good old talented Capcon is dead .. now we have Capcom with brainless new employers that cares about realism and westernized crap .

Sirk7x46d ago

I'd say Capcom is doing better now than they have in years. MHW was fantastic, RE2 Remake looks great, we're getting Megaman 11 as well. It seems like they're finally trying to do well by fans and give them what they want.

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The story is too old to be commented.