Game Focus: LEGO Batman - The Videogame Review

Game Focus writes: "Batman has seen its share of video games, movies, television shows and comic book titles over the years. This DC vigilante and his boy wonder sidekick, along with an impressive collection of villains, comes to the smashing-blocks franchise with LEGO Batman: The Videogame. Traveller's Tales has proven over the years with similar titles such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones that miniaturizing our favorite iconic characters into the world of LEGO's is good, clean wholesome fun for people all ages. With several LEGO title's under their belt, has this series perfected their winning formula or should you skip this bat-adventure?"


+ Original Story
+ True to the Batman Universe
+ Two fighting-combos unique for each character
+ Complete with Grappling Hook and Batarang
+ Play as Batman and Robin or any member of the rogues gallery
+ Rogues steal the show with humor
+ Easy control for young children and Family-friendly
+ Original puzzles and new levels built around car, boat and plane chases
+ Great unlockable characters like Nightwing and Hush
+ It's Batman...


- Some puzzles seem to have random solutions
- Studs are sometimes beyond reach, can disappear while animations run
- Same difficult and awkward driving mechanics
- Same awkward camera

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