Devil May Cry 5 Is The Series Reset Fans Have Been Hoping For (TSA)

TSA writes: "Am I good at Devil May Cry? Not really, but Devil May Cry 5 made me feel pretty damn great as it handed out ratings for my sometimes rather wayward attempts at combat. There’s something reassuring about a game that’s happy to put a hand on your shoulder, look into your eyes and say, “Look, it wasn’t perfect, but good effort and I’m sure you’ll get better at this.”

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chris23546d ago

i guess they lost less money when they decided to make the effort of developping something new. just sayin‘. i don‘t need another dmc game. the franchise is pretty much worn out and dead.

Nyxus46d ago

I disagree, for me this was the best announcement of E3.

Einhander197146d ago

Already preordered thanks ;)