GameZone: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows PS3 Review

GameZone writes:

"Activision has been the video-game home for Spidey for a while now (brownie points to anyone who can name the first video-game featuring Spider-man – the answer will come at the end) and several developers have taken a crack and bringing all the action of Spider-man's universe to the video-game industry. Shaba Games is the latest, teaming up with Treyarch for the Web of Shadows adventure. Shaba, for those who may not know, was the developer behind Tony Hawk Project 8, Wakeboarding Unleashed with Shawn Murray, Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX and Shrek Super Slam. The team knows a thing or two about dynamic action, and has brought that experience to WoS, creating a game in which Spidey can web-sling across the city with a freedom that is refreshing and, at times, in utter disdain of modern-world physics that say there is an up, a down, a diagonal, or whatever sense we use to fixate on the planet beneath our feet."

Gameplay 8.4
Graphics 8.5
Sound 7.8
Difficulty Medium
Concept 8.1
Overall 8.3

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Peter Griffin3646d ago

wait this got an 8.3 here and a 5.5 on the hell do u even gauge those differences?