Should Galaxy's End development continue?

Everyone loves indie developers. Even if their games don't have the biggest budgets, they often have the most creative ideas.

Take, for example, Tiki Games. This small studio started developing Galaxy's End, a real-time strategy game designed from the ground up for the PSP. With an intuitive control scheme and vibrant graphics, publishers were impressed, but weary of funding a real-time strategy game for a handheld.

"We developed Galaxy's End to the point where we had a playable demo which demonstrated our control scheme (which is very pick-up-and-play oriented), how to issue and attack orders, how to acquire resources, and how to construct units," said Tiki Games president Kevin McCann when he chatted with us about the title in June. "It also demonstrated basic combat AI."

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JamieReleases3645d ago

Would be good to see more RTS games on the PSP. The DS has plenty of good ones.

Ps3Fanboy7773645d ago

Step into the next gen and create a MMORPG... RTS is just lame.

BlackIceJoe3645d ago

I really hope Galaxy's End does come out I have been a big fan of the idea of an RTS on the PSP. Plus 20 dollar's is not that much at all so Tiki Games would get my money.