BioWare: Video Game Subscription Services Will Diversify Triple-A Games

According to the triple-A developer like BioWare, subscription services aren't just a way to open up audiences but can diversify the kind of games they can feasibly make as well.

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Hardiman138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

For me I diversify by buying games that don't fall into the subscription model. Not a fan of how companies particularly large powerful companies try to push GAAS either!

shuvam09138d ago

If nothing, video game subscription might get Bioware shut...
I know that, just like EA, we will never get Bioware of the past...
So whatever they say is equivalent to a ghost speaking...

Apocalypse Shadow138d ago

Gaming as it will be with the direction subscription services will take us. A fractured industry...

In order to enjoy all your favorite game companies, you will have to subscribe to each and every one that pops up. Not like cable where you pay 1 fee for multiple channels. Or Netflix where you have multiple movies and TV shows for 1 price. No. As an example, you will pay EA $100 per year, Capcom $100 per year, Ubisoft $100 per year, Activision $100 per year and so on to enjoy full benefits of all your favorite companies. And no matter if it's the whole game you can play. It's still paying monthly to **Demo** a game. Eliminating free demos gamers used to get to know if you like a game before buying.

That's not all. You won't be trading in your digitally purchased games. You won't be lending a friend a game. You will have to be connected to the internet because the company needs to verify you purchased the game with a ping on your system. And that happens every day you play which is 24 hour check ins. Sound familiar? It's 2013 all over again with a new name. The game vaults just a carrot to get you to buy into what gamers shunned almost 5 years ago.

These companies have become so greedy beyond the micro transactions, dlc, loot boxes and season passes, they not only want to cut the middle man out (gamestop,steam,etc)and get paid 100% directly, but it will, if it becomes standard, be a detriment to the industry. They claim unoticed games will sell more this way. Sony makes and promotes smaller games and AAA games without resorting to services. And they sell. Not all GTA sales. But enough for the market it's targeted too.

It's an excuse from EA and company. And a way to destroy game ownership and kill used games. And making games with less content to sell you the rest of it later for massive profits. Don't be fooled. They only changed the name. Not their DRM plans from 2013.

UltraNova138d ago

Do you really expect people to see beyond the obvious? Hell do you really expect that Sony will not follow in their steps?

As much as it pains me to admit, everything you described above is happening wether we like it or not. I expect next gen to see all major publishers shoehorning us with a subscription model. Its inevitable. Its fu*** up.

DerekTweed138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

How is it any different from TV and Movies?

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO whatever it's called, Hulu etc.

As far as I know, people buy used games and sell their games because they can save money that way, but wouldn't you be saving money by for example, choosing one subscription service that you will play a lot of games, and buy the other.s and resell them.

Do you really think that used games will go away? Physical will not go away because of subscription services, people who don't subscribe will may still want to buy, that is not good business from EA to not offer the physical game alongside the subscription service and digital purchases.

Of course this is an attempt at making more money from their games but the majority of gamers, Me included, will not subscribe to a streaming service and they would be shooting themselves in the foot by not offering an alternative

UltraNova138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Tell us, what stops EA MS and the like to stop making physical copies of threir games all together? Or make them in severely limited quantities untill they force us to bite the bullet and subscribe?

bigmalky138d ago

Sorry, but I don't trust a word coming from companies that have continuously shafted gamers over the past years.

Tell us why we should believe you.

Goldenarmz138d ago

Christ, give it a rest! no one is forcing you to sign up for a subscription. Does Netflix negate Blu ray and 4k? Are gamers really this brain dead?

shuvam09138d ago

We previously ignored MT and look where we are now...
Turning a blind eye is as good as supporting them...

n4gamingm138d ago

No one turned a blind eye, people are buying MT by the boat load. I got some people on my friend list with $100 in MT In just one game. This is player choice, for me as long as it doesn't effect competive gameplay in any way I'm fine seeing it. If it gives another player a edge of any kind it needs to be removed.

DVAcme138d ago

Bioware devs better keep their mouth shut, or else EA will put on its executive meddling pants on and force them to make Anthem subscription-based, effectively burying the game so fucking hard it hits oil and making Bioware just another EA homicide.

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