Why I'm Proud Of Microsoft And Xbox

Forbes: “It’s kind of silly to be proud of a multi-billion dollar corporation. But here I am, and I’m sure for many of you, here we are.

Today, gamers with limited physical mobility the world over can purchase Microsoft’s awesome Xbox Adaptive Controller, a truly brilliant piece of video game hardware that opens up a whole new world of control possibilities.”

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Apocalypse Shadow97d ago

This is actually a great idea. Because it's official from the console manufacturer. And not all the modded game controllers across different systems and generations to help the disabled play games that I've seen. Something I think Sony and Nintendo could look in to. Someone wrote Sony back in 2016 about their disability and an employee modded a controller. But wasn't backed by Sony.
So, maybe the other two will get on this.

But as the article says, it may not just be an act of kindness and could have been to open up an untapped market. And for good PR.Even still, it's a great idea that can't be denied. Something I can say Microsoft lead the way on.

UltraNova96d ago

Happy they did something for the benefit of a specific gamer group? Hell yeah and well done MS! Proud of them? Hell no.

blacktiger97d ago

I love my PS4 but I can never be proud of SONY or any corporation. You know how rich they are from making money out of us?!?!?!?

jznrpg96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

Well , if you like their products you should want them to be successful so you can continue to get their products . But yeah Proud of MS seems like an oxymoron but controls for disabled people is nice . Their are customizable controllers out there though not hard to find!

Fritz-o-Toole96d ago

Well, if it wasn't for the money they wouldn't bother to make consoles. So it's a good thing they make money from it, no?

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The story is too old to be commented.