PSN Store Sale for the Week Now Live and It's Full of Bandai Namco Games

The Bandai Namco sale is this week's PSN Store sale for the week bonanza!

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Nitrowolf243d ago

Some decent titles in there I might have to get god eater series

masterfox43d ago

I will definitely will be picking up some in that list.

chris23542d ago (Edited 42d ago )

yep, it‘s time to finally give them the signal that their subpar releases are still making money in the long run so that they will produce more subpar stuff. remember: they are not looking at WHEN a game gets sold, it‘s just important THAT it got sold. most game devs/publishers are making more money on a sale than during their whole lifecycle. so if you‘re planning on finally getting a game now that it’s on a sale you did not want to support for one reason or another when it got released, you are giving a very wrong signal that is going to shape the industry in a way we all don‘t want it to.

i read some posts the other day where dudes said „now that it‘s only 19.99 i may have a look at mgs survive“. yeah. good for you that you finally get to check out a game now that it‘s cheap, but the downside is at konami they go „ka-ching“ and the next mgs survive is going to get produced.

but i know, it‘s hard to keep one‘s thoughts together or think forward for a minute or two.

tl;dr: sales are the devil

jronj42d ago

Or - some people don’t have enough money to buy everything at full price so they wait for a sale.. but I hear what your saying

Stanjara42d ago

Oh please. What are you drinking?
I don't know where to begin.

SavageFlamingo42d ago

Are you really a gamer? There are people who like the games that are made. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be made. Waiting for a foil hat preorder bonus?

GoldeneyeOO742d ago

Not a single Ace Combat title? Damn...

gangsta_red42d ago

Tales of Berseria is excellent and I encourage anyone who is a fan of JRPGs to pick it up.