Soulja Boy Rips Off Red Vs. Blue

Apparently Soulja Boy is not only under the false impression that he's a real rapper, but he also seems to find himself to be a comedian! Ryan Rigney of tweets about this here.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3652d ago

Not news.Reported as stupid xbot nonsense

Volvobug3652d ago

meh. It's a site about gaming in general. Gaming-related content is accepted.

IzKyD13313652d ago

what about when that "gaming related content" is coming from a complete retard?

Daurelus173652d ago

wow i hate this guy
annoying and yet hes everywhere/
ya im black. so dont think its raciest
im not the emperor of black ppl but if u agree with me just express it.

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Rick Astley3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Oh FFS could we please stop posting sh*t about this dumbass? Who the hell cares about Soulja Boy? Seriously when did he become important enough to be made news out of on N4G? Christ this website is beginning to suck.

Volvobug3652d ago

True, soulja boy sucks, but it's pretty hilarious.

PrimordialSoupBase3652d ago

This website is BEGINNING to suck? Where have you been?

Kami3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

why do you think anon hates him so much. he is a stupid bablish monkey and nothing leess.
i dont know why people(xbots) are still posting this kids crap videos.
im so FUKCIN raged right now im going to his site and troll it. se ya letarz.

EDIT @Kigmal : IM not callin him monkey because he is african american. Im calling him monkey because he just simply ACTS like one.
just watch on of his videos and you will see what im talking about

Bnet3433652d ago

Isn't calling an african american a monkey considered a racial slur?

DNAgent3652d ago

No. Calling them a porch monkey is a racial slur.

Bnet3433652d ago

Clerks II sucked, wasn't funny.

ultimolu3652d ago

Lol, this guy is such a tool man.
*sighs and cracks up*

Dino3652d ago

some of us act more so than others. All races included.

Bad_Karma3651d ago

Soulja Boy ain't no comedian BUT he is a fvcking joke .Why do articles on this moron keep getting posted ?

Agree with Rick 100%

Ateanboy3651d ago

Seriuously though... Anon DOES hate him. And with good reason too. I love rap music, but not only does this guy SUCK at making music, but he's managed to infiltrate the internet and rot it with his trash.

He is fvcking LAME. He is garbage. His music is GARBAGE. The things he says that are actually gaming related are all GARBAGE.

I have CONSTANTLY complained about why N4G continues to allow stupid sh*t from this mvtherfvcka to be published on a daily basis... And still no1 seems to care.

I am seriously THIS close to leaving and never coming back to N4G. This Souljaboy none-sense is THAT serious. It's gone on for long enough. Daily. This guy can't go one day without actin a damn fool, and daily some other idiot is there to spread his foolishness about throughout the internet.

This n*gga's a fvkin LAMO.

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cheese3652d ago

Soulja Boyee needs to go to school.

Rick Astley3652d ago

He dropped out when he was in the 2nd grade to sell drugs and make more terrible rap music for Americans.

RKRigney3652d ago

Good thing you never made terrible music, Rick Astley.

Covenant3652d ago

OK: Who's worse: Rick Astley (pseudo-pop/soul) or Soulja Boy (pseudo-rap/hip-hop/gamer)?

Eddie201013652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

It's a draw.

Soulja Boy = Attention Ho = Xbot fanboy

VirusE3652d ago

RK that was effing hilarious! So subtle yet and at the the same time so witty. Gotta hook you up with a bubble for the laugh bro

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Raoh3652d ago

shouldnt there be a ban or something on soulja boy youtube videos?

they are not informative or entertaining.