Gears of War 2 Hidden Message after the Credits

A hidden message after the credits at the end of Gears of War 2.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Shhh...this game sucks.Just move along,quietly

Narutone663649d ago

GeoW2-P (Gears of War2 Prologue)

CliffyBee3649d ago

I coped the ending from MGS2's ending! XD Good eh?

I make good game at last, yes?


ELite_Ghost3649d ago


YOU ARE FFAAGGSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

3650d ago
Lord Shuhei Yoshida3650d ago

Meh.I prefer the better videogame ending.

Otacon:Snake,their all dead.All 12 of them.

Snake:When did they die?

Otacon:About a 100 years ago

Snake:What the hell?...

A little more originality Epic,please.

Killjoy30003649d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. They were trying to have an epic Kojima ending, but failed miserably and came off as a bunch of B' game devs.

ThanatosDMC3649d ago

No "Mr. President" and Ocelot talks.

cmrbe3649d ago

don't put Gears and MGS in a sentence.

Gears is for kids. We all know it.

roadkillers3649d ago

Even though MGS has a better story the problem is that you will never completly understand it. I played them all and its still kind of confusing. Very good game though. I think the best video game story ever would have to be God of War (maybe FFX because there were some twists that were crazy hate the gameplay though).

Has a videogame ever had such a good twist ending that everyone loved it like they did the Sixth Sense? Just woundering.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3649d ago


Well you have to replay the game a few times to understand the MGS saga.

As for good twist ending,I think Eternal Darkness takes the prize for that one

Master Debater3649d ago

This is a little off topic but, it's quite humorous to find all the posters above are posting on a 360 thread yet are proven to be PS3 fanboys. Don't get me wrong here, I don't want the SDF Bubble Thieves to come and rob me. There's not one 360 owner up there, no one commenting on anything except the storyline in MGS4 which was a little cheesy but it was sublime. Good game but not relevant to Gears 2.

Horny3649d ago

Master Debater

they are discussing games with similar endings (after credit hidden message), nobody mentioned anything about ps3.
MGS was the first thing I thought off when I heard it.
Its nothing big but we know Marcus' Dad is alive.

Killjoy30003649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

We're talking about MGS2 and MGS1. But you wouldn't know anyways, because you've probably never completed nor played a Metal Gear game in your life. Now go play a few rounds of slayer, little child.

SL1M DADDY3649d ago

I don't play Gears for a story. I play it for the game play and the graphics are good. If I want great graphics, good game play and a deep immersive story then I play MGS4, heck, I play any of the MGS games for the story.

johover1123649d ago

my brother finished the game and told me that some guy's message starts playing, blair witch style but i didn't believe him until i heard it myself....kinda I WAS ASKING MYSELF "what have i done?" lol

dachiefsman3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

love it you are the first poster in both the open and gamer zone. Do you RSS xbox 360 posts so you can be the first one to troll them?

MGS is a great series and Gears is shaping up likewise to bad you will miss out on it cause of your rapped up in supporting a single system.

Owning all the consoles really is a huge benefit.

Yoma3649d ago

ye, its a pretty basic and boring ending in geow2

JoySticksFTW3649d ago

"Congratulations! A winner is you!"

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WelshGunner3650d ago

Hmmm thats similar to the cloverfield ending aswell... When he says It's still Alive