Ripten Wii Preview: Family Party: 30 Great Games

Ripten writes: "It's not a teddy bear, it's a dog! Ok, yeah, the puppy is sporting an anthropomorphic tummy like a teddy bear would, and the overall effect is very similar, but even I can tell the difference! On the whole, though, I think I prefer the son in his school uniform, but the ears are so cute!

Welcome to the character selection screen in Family Party: 30 Great Games. Not only is it a party game for you to play with you family, it's a party game to play as a bunch of cute blood-relative (or at least adopted) characters.

You can play up to six minigames in a session, so we piled a few up and got right to it. Our first event was an obstacle race where the by-now-commonplace method of Wii minigame running (shaking the remote) is used between smashing through walls with the B button or jumping over water with A."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3675d ago

The game looks bland,it has many flat textures,plenty of jaggies and the framerate is unstable.However it is decent.I can see why its not AAA though :)

ChickeyCantor3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

This is what i don't get, even if they are "casual, it doesn't mean all of them are looking for shallow games.
It's like these developers are seeing the casual as idiots, and just cash in with mini games.
Hell i don't really blame them...the money they make out of it is lots.

I realized how that sports game (on the "beach") sold pretty well, and you know why? because there were actual commercials for it. If they promote other Wii-titles it will sell too.
It's a damn shame.
However Wii software isn't selling dramatic, i just wished Developers would do more about their Game-promotion. "core" games on the Wii would sell tons more.

Even the "casual" is looking for more depth, the "casual" also has its own interest and taste in stuff. Not all are looking for cheap "mini" games.
These mini games are getting Lame as hell.