Indie Onslaught: is the sudden influx of Switch indies too much of a good thing?

Random Nintendo rides the "Nindies" news wave and discusses whether it's all too much of a good thing, plus shares impressions of eShop tile Treadnauts and examines Nintendo's mobile gaming contradictions.

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Neonridr96d ago

The only problem will be how do devs stand out with so much indie software coming at once. Great games could be lost in the shuffle.

playnice94d ago

I was disappointed by the lack of a proper E3 presentation... But then I like the mini "Nintendo Direct" presentations and I find them perfect to highlight small indie releases

Neonridr94d ago

definitely, I love these directs and they certainly put the spotlight on some titles that might have been missed otherwise. So many good ones though, hard to keep up :P

jznrpg94d ago

It is because there are too many games so some great games won’t get noticed

playnice93d ago

It is too bad yet does Steam handle promotion better?

TheRealAwest81594d ago (Edited 94d ago )

most switch indies suck, especially those stupid 8 bit retro looking games! god i hate those!

playnice93d ago

I too hate that 8 bit graphical style but it does seem rather popular...