Obsidian Thinking about Possible Alpha Protocol Remaster?

A recent Obsidian tweet might mean the company has plans for making a remaster of their 2010 espionage roleplay game, fans believe

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NewMonday141d ago

this concept would be a great way to reboot the Killzone franchise.

AP had a good concept but bad technical performance and lack of polish. but these things are what GG are good at. and HZD already prepared them for making an non-liner action/RPG. with this they can combine what they learned from the 2 franchise.

so my idea for the Killzone reboot would be:

- a sandbox warzone like in MGS5
- the mission/narrative system of Alpha Protocol
- the gun-play of Killzone games
- the streamlined RPG systems of HZD with a dash of Killzone Mercenary.

Jinger140d ago

I may be missing something here, but what does Alpha Protocol and Obsidian have to do with GG, Horizon, and Killzone?

NewMonday140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Obsidian failed with AP because while they are great at making an RPG they are bad at both programming and making action games, 2 things that were needed with AP.
GG on the other hand have the skill to realize Obsidian's vision with Alpha Protocol, because GG have done both a military shooter and an RPG.

Jinger140d ago

Okay... are you saying Obsidian can't make RPG's? Plus there is a big difference between an actual RPG and what Horizon is. A game with RPG elements isn't quite on the same level as something like AP, Pillars of Eternity, Tyranny, KOTOR etc..

NewMonday140d ago

Obsidian are great at making RPGs, specifically the world building, story, quest design, character progression. but they are bad at programming and the action aspects.

C-H-E-F140d ago

this is horrible, a horrible idea leave Killzone alone brother. Stay far away from conceptualizing game development.

AizenSosuke141d ago

Definitely something to watch

PhantomS42140d ago

Now, why on earth would they want to do that? Complete garbage gameplay, story, not to mention horribly broken with bugs. The game got terrible reviews and was a laughing stock.

Cueil140d ago

another person who thought they were playing a 3rd person shooter

PhantomS42140d ago

You couldn't be any more wrong.

Jinger140d ago

It was a bit janky, but not really all that buggy. Plus it was a great RPG shooter

HighlyDoubtful140d ago

@Jinger did you seriously just call it a "great" rpg shooter? Great? You must think every game is great then because AP was HORRIBLE. In every single aspect. The concept was good but execution was terrible.

Fist4achin140d ago

It was a decent game with some rough technical issues.

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