Novel's Open SUSE 11.0 & 10.3 now available for PS3

Novel's Open SUSE has been made available for the PS3

" Instructions
Preparing Media

Download the PPC edition of OpenSuse 10.3 or 11.0 and burn it to a DVD or CD media using your favorite burning tool."

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robotnik3646d ago

Another reason why the PS3 is superior to the brickbox, you can install linux which is a superior OS than tEH Winlows.

cricen3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Linux on the PS3 isn't really new nor is it really whats impotent here. it's that not only is it another distro on the ps3 but its Novell's SUSE -(which is a really awesome OS by the way youtube: SUSE compiz fuzion to see what it can do)- which is a sort of a big deal for the PS3 in the open source community. Thanks for your approval this is my first of may submission of many to come :D

Raoh3646d ago

downloading it as we speak...

i have YLD 6 installed currently