Insomniac’s PS4 Spider-Man is the First Game to Earn Marvel’s Seal of Approval

Marvel's Spider-Man is the first game ever to feature the comic publisher's iconic pre-opening MCU flipbook logo thanks to the E3 showing.

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Neonridr140d ago

Just some added icing on the already bound-to-be delicious cake.

SierraGuy140d ago

Sony really needs to make Insomniac a part of SIE Worldwide Studios.

Neonridr139d ago

that would be a major acquisition.

140d ago
TorpeAlex140d ago

That image really looks like Iron Fist is being attacked by a bum on the left side of his face.

(yes, I know it's his shoulder, just humor me)

rivaldoo777139d ago

Wolverine from ND PLEASE!!!!