GameSpy: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Review

GameSpy writes: "Konami has been creating "Metroidvania" titles in the Castlevania series for over ten years now. It all began when the PS1 title, Symphony of the Night deviated from the traditional level-based structure of past entries in the series for a more open world approach. Instead of simply moving to the end of each stage and fighting a boss, you were placed in a large environment that you could freely explore. Of course, some areas couldn't be accessed until you earned a specific ability or discovered a particular item. This formula proved to be extremely popular, and the company has been churning out new versions ever since."

+Glyph system allows for lots of customization
+Solid challenge
+Lots to explore
+Gorgeous graphics

-Some areas are a bit small and linear
-It's the same basic "Metroidvania"' formula

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PS360WII3647d ago

"Glyph system allows for lots of customization"

that's a big pro right there :) Also so what that the design is to good to change I don't see fps reviews saying it's good but it's the same formula we've had for a good long time...