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Spider-Man is an absolute essential. It is a showcase of much of the best that this industry has to offer and should not be missed.

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shuvam091850d ago

To hell with the story...
I'll swing as Spidey for the next week until I even continue with the story missions...
Oh, how long have I waited for a good Spidey game...
And to think people were complaining about puddle...
Back in the day, we didn't have proper building textures in Spidey 2...

1849d ago
DarkVoyager1850d ago

Great start! I’m betting on a 90 metacritic.

outsider16241850d ago

Nah man, there's always those sites that would give it a clickbait low rating.
Less puddles. 5/10

Neonridr1850d ago

@GamingSinceForever - please don't turn it into that.. can we just enjoy the game please?

xX-oldboy-Xx1850d ago

Neonridr - you know it'll happen, everyone knows it will happen. Can't be avoided.

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WilliamSheridan1849d ago

Im looking forward to this game, but a perfect score seems a little high...

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ArchangelMike1850d ago

Wow, a glowing review. Hopefully, the sentiment will be consistent across the board and we'll have a truly awesome Spiderman game to best the likes of the Arkham series. I can't wait for Friday :)

GamingSinceForever1850d ago

Even if it isn’t I’m still getting it.

GTgamer1850d ago

Already bought it so yeah

Neonridr1850d ago

lol, you sounded surprised there Mikey.

zivtheawesome1850d ago

so we got this 10, and we know of that youtube guy that said the game is a 9, seems people really like the game.
also they are on metacritic so we got our first official 10.

AirJohnston1850d ago

Who’s the youtube guy? I’m wary of searching the game on youtube cause I’m sure there’s already spoilers out there

zivtheawesome1850d ago

he was talking on twitter. he uploaded footage on youtube that sony taken down and as far as i understand he plans on spoiling the final boss when the embargo is over ughh. forgot his name.

Donnie811850d ago

Just what I hoped to see! Bring it on

trooper_1850d ago

I am so getting this when I get paid next Friday.

patrickman1849d ago

Me, too! just pre-ordered it!