Wii U apparently not dead, gets firmware update

After more than a year, Nintendo has released Wii U firmware update 5.5.3, which brings "system stability" and "minor adjustments" to last-gen console.

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FallenAngel198445d ago

Still mad Nintendo never bothered to give the console a discount before giving it the boot

Moonman45d ago

They were making a profit (probably a good one towards year 3 and 4) so they never cut price. But of course I agree with you from a consumer standpoint. I reminisce on those GameCube $99.99 commercials....haha. I still can't believe I only paid $99 for my GameCube which I STILL love.

porkChop45d ago

The Wii U caused a lot of damage to their brand and their stock value. They might have been trying to recoup as much of their losses as possible. A discount would have been nice though.

princejb13444d ago

The wii caused a lot of damaged. It sold a lot because of the gimmick but ones you own it, it just wasn't what the hype was about

Sgt_Slaughter44d ago

That's just a Japanese company's way of dealing with "failures", they don't sell them for less they just pull everything back.

Dragonscale43d ago

Sony dropped the price for PS3 after abandoning PS2 bc.

Sgt_Slaughter43d ago

PS3 wasn't a failure though, my point still stands

Kados44d ago

"System Stability" aka Anti-CFW patch.

SockeyBoy44d ago

pretty much, didn't do too much though. Browser exploit still works too

traumadisaster44d ago

What's the best way to get a wii U tablet replacement? So expensive on ebay

Profchaos44d ago

Purely a anti piracy patch I think

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