Did MMOs fail to adapt, or did I get old?

"11 years after my last brush with MMO servitude, I’ve been struggling to regain that feeling of wanting to do everything that games of that magnitude have to offer. So I'm skipping World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth." - Taylor Cocke, Polygon

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Prettygoodgamer46d ago

The reason I'm skipping BFA is the fact Blizzard/Activision have done everything they possibly can to increase play time without adding in any fun, it's all time gating and grind, such as getting flying, getting gear which needs the heart of azeroth levelled up to use.

The whole game now is only there to make sure you have to be on everyday to get anything done.

Lon3wolf44d ago

I would say they have been doing for quite some time with WoW.

ziggurcat46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

it's not that you got old, MMOs aren't good to begin with.

ZaWarudo46d ago

Quest structure hasn't really changed. Same kill X amount of mobs and collect X amount of items.

Derceto45d ago

MMO's have been stale for well over a decade now. It's not you.