This Land is My Land takes a different view of the Wild West than Red Dead Redemption | Polygon

Stealth game tells the story of Native Americans repelling invasion.

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ArnoDorian42d ago

Looks interesting. I'll keep my tabs on it

RememberThe35742d ago

I like the concept. Curious how it'll turn out.

Glemt42d ago

I really look forward to more perspectives in games, but I'm a bit concerned there is no mention of any native americans assisting the developers on this project. Civilization VI got quite the media attention after having a native Cree address his concerns, even though other Cree had already worked with Firaxis on the project.
This game says it makes the player represent all tribes and peoples living in northern america at that time, which in spirit might seem true, but it's too complex a subject to be treated so lightly. Not all native americans welcomed the colonists, but some established peaceful interaction. Some were met with hostilities from the Europeans after engaging them peacefully.
Even though the developers claim it's not a simulation, but a game, I feel they should still be careful in handling this subject matter, and do everything in their power to include both native americans and contemporary historians to fuel this project. There are many myths and lies surrounding many native american tribes. Many of them too negative, some of them too positive. All are too simplistic, and don't explore the variety between tribes all that much.
I hope this doesn't become a game leaning on Hollywood tropes based on the white colonist's perspectives and writings. I guess that's what I'm trying to say : )

TheColbertinator42d ago

Could be interesting if done properly. The story of the hundreds of native tribes and First Nations are great videogame material if handled with detail.

mkis00742d ago

Would have been cool to have a game like gun where you are of both worlds.