TGR: Modern Warfare and World at War Multiplayer: How They Compare

"It has been nearly a year since Infinity Ward launched its smash hit that even Halo 3 has trouble keeping up with, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This game dramatically changed the Call of Duty franchise, raised the bar for wartime shooters and online multiplayer and even took and continues to hold the top spot of the Xbox Live leader boards. While Infinity Ward has already made a near-perfect game, it is now Treyarch's turn to try and continue on with the success. We've played around with the Call of Duty: World at War beta and spotted some differences and similarities in the process."


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cain1413647d ago

I'm really disapointed with this one... I was hoping it would feel a bit more different.

kornbeaner3647d ago

The beta is sweet, WAR is by far the best game mode availible and they have CTF. This game makes better use of the Perk system all together.
I wish people wouldn't sleep on this game it is extremly fun and well balanced.