Ciri Could Actually Be in Cyberpunk 2077, According to Witcher Canon

Cyberpunk 2077 may be set in a dystopian future, but according to Sapkoski’s novels, it’s possible for The Witcher's Ciri to visit Night City.

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ArchangelMike43d ago

CDPR have already stated that they don't want Ciri in CP2077 -

But with enough pressure from fans, I guess they could have a cameo.

Sciurus_vulgaris42d ago

CDPR could just have a character in Cyberpunk 2077 that looks (and maybe sounds) like Ciri without actually being the same character. It is not uncommon for devs to reference their previous projects in their latest work. For example in Ratchet and Clank there are aliens that look just like characters from Insomniac’s previous series Spyro.

D3TH_D33LR42d ago

Actually it’s the guy who created Cyberpunk 2020 that doesn’t want Ciri in it. CDPR are hoping to convince him otherwise.

Sciurus_vulgaris42d ago

I think Ciri’s statements about the technologically adavnaced world she visted has nothing to do with Cyberpunk 2077 canonically. CDPR just wanted to indirectly reference their next project in the Witcher 3. Ciri is character from a fantasy universe it wouldn’t make sense for her to be in cyberpunk (a near future title set in our real universe). Ciri, during the Witcher 3 just visited a technologically adavcened world in the Witcher’s fantasy universe.

Smokehouse42d ago

It wouldn’t make sense to have her become a computer hacker and doing a cameo like she has been there for 50 years but a quick glimpse of her travels between worlds would be a cool nod and it would make sense.

sinspirit42d ago

CyberPunk is not set in our universe.

staticall42d ago

Don't be so hasty, we'll see in 59 years!

sinspirit42d ago


It's literally told by the creator of the game in one of the latest interviews and recaps of the story for this game. It's in a fictional alternate timeline of our world. Inspired by similar alternate history films and stories like Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell. A history where governments crumble and corporations take over cities and nations, forming militias within themselves, and sometimes fighting each other within their own co-inhabited territories, causing wars to break out.

The story starts way before 2077. It starts in 2013 and was greatly expanded with Cyberpunk 2020. None of this technology was realistically feasible or thought to be when it was written. It's just exciting to explore alternate timelines and familiarity in such a distinctly different world. Just like Fallout is alternate history.

I'm not experienced with the storyline. I've just watched the creators interviews and read a few recaps.

Just saying, alternate history means alternate universe. Though, I don't care for the Ciri theories. Only thing that would be exciting to me is wondering how a Witcher orphan that was left in this world would become. I always irk when people think shoehorning ideas for a cool factor works for entertainment/artistic formats. It's gotta make sense. It needs the writers and creators to feel completely good about the idea and how it would be implemented first.

D3TH_D33LR42d ago

@staticall pretty positive we don’t even have the resources on this planet to make that a reality

42d ago
Smokehouse42d ago

Would be a cool Easter egg imo. Something you really have to look for.

EazyC42d ago

A vague, non-canonical easter egg would suffice. I don't know why people want this.

CorndogBurglar42d ago

It wouldn't have to be anything significant. Just something that says she's been there. I don't think anyone needs, or even wants a full on cameo of Ciri.

But it would be a cool little nod to find something that points to her having visited that world.

Gwiz42d ago

She can open up portals so It's not even a problem with the lore.

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