Konami Shot Themselves in the Foot with PES 2019's Online Launch Date

With an impressive game to sell, Konami's failure to start its online service by launch meant IGN and Eurogamer were faced with a choice; release the reviews on the 28th August embargo without playing any online components or haemorrhage views to someone else.

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2pacalypsenow138d ago

Is anyone really surprised?

PrimeVinister138d ago


But holding back the best part of their product until after the major reviewers would naturally release their reviews is a special kind of ridiculous.

Telford91138d ago

since they lost the champions league it's almost as if they don't care

PrimeVinister138d ago

I honestly don't miss the Champions League that much.

PapaBop138d ago

It hurts from a licensing perspective but yeah, judging by this artice's content, I'd say PES problems run far deeper than just the licenses.

PrimeVinister138d ago

PapaBop - not being able to line up an online rollout before reviews are due out is hilarious and tragic in equal measure

winter_hill138d ago

IGN can always just plagiarize someone else's review later.