Is The Xbox All Access Subscription The Future Of Gaming?

TSA writes: Xbox have finally done it. After the seeming frivolity of Xbox Game Pass, and the shift earlier this year to include every first party game Microsoft have on their release schedule, it was clear that Microsoft were eyeing up subscription services as the future. With the announcement of Xbox All Access – one relatively low monthly payment that includes an Xbox console, Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass – they’ve set a precedent for what could well be the future of gaming. If it works.

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FallenAngel1984140d ago

No. You need good credit to use this subscription, it’s only available at a few stores instead of being widely available, and the warranty doesn’t cover the entire period you’re making payments on it. That just limits how many people will take advantage of this

Consoles aren’t so expensive like cellphones that most people wouldn’t just buy them full on, especially since they’re frequently on sale for $200-$300.

TheCityWake139d ago

That's now though. Whatever Microsoft have waiting in the wings is presumably going to be more powerful than the X1X and that's not going to be cheap.

If you've got the option to get a jump start on the next generation, and like your phone don't fancy paying for it upfront, then it could win over at least some fans, or people that shifted from Xbox to PlayStation or vice versa if Sony did it.

It seems like the main people who have an issue with it seem to have an issue with buying anything on credit, rather than the concept as a whole. I get that it's not for everyone, but if it wins over a bunch of people who might otherwise have waited, and then potentially opted for a PlayStation, I see why Microsoft are eyeing it up.

FallenAngel1984139d ago

I understand that it would appeal to some people, but it’s still not going to drastically affect how people buy consoles. Not only can this program only be accessed only at a Microsoft Store, you can’t do it online. So even when put credit aside, this program isn’t as accessible for general audiences.

Some people who would like to take advantage of it just won’t be able to cuz Microsoft Store isn’t in the immediate vicinity.

XiNatsuDragnel140d ago

No. Unless you want the gaming crash of the 80s.

Kribwalker140d ago

how would the ability to finance an xbox cause the gaming crash of the 1980s?

King_Noctis139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

It won’t. Even if MS goes subscription only that doesn’t mean Nintendo or Sony (which are currently bigger than MS gaming-wise) would follow suit. But like always, people here love to exaggerate everything when it comes to Nintendo or MS.

Godmars290139d ago

More like this promotes low quality or low production, given that it removes creative emphasis for development from publishers. That generates consumer burnout, the mainstream market stops buying games, revenues drop, and soon the AAA industry packs it's bags and goes away.

Kribwalker139d ago


how does financing an xbox promote low quality or low production? How does it remove creative emphasis from developers?

all i see is it as a way for people that want to play games and don’t have the cash for a system to get one now, for 0% interest.

Godmars290139d ago

If what MS is trying to do succeeds, then it means guaranteed revenue. That means they don't have to try when they already have issues making games and think SP isn't viable. It gives them less reason to change if not get worse so long as they can get 3rd party content.

gangsta_red139d ago

"That means they don't have to try when they already have issues making games and think SP isn't viable."

Could you make even less sense then before?

You're seriously speaking nothing but gibberish and not only does it make zero sense but it has nothing to do with the crash of the 80's.

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Apocalypse Shadow140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Not my future. Long term payments are only worth it on things that matter like houses, vehicle to get to work,education to get a good job and things like insurance.

Paying for All Access locks you in to the original price for the product. No sale on the Xbox,no sale on XBL, no sale on Game pass,etc. With a 1 year warranty instead of 2.

I didn't buy the PS4 at launch at $399 2013. I waited and bought it later at $299 with the Uncharted collection for free(bundle), Until Dawn for free(free gift), The Last of Us Remaster for free(free gift.sounding crazy so far right?),PS Plus for $25 for buying the system at Target online and I bought The Order 1886 for $10 on the PlayStation Store.

I could have bought it at launch. But waiting got me more than I bargained for as I didn't play Uncharted 3 or TLofU on PS3. And the second year I bought PS Plus, I paid $40 dollars on Amazon instead of $59.99. And every year after I paid $40.

It's the same with cellphones. I don't buy contract phones at launch as you're only going to be paying more over time than just waiting for a sale or time when it drops in price. But you're still getting the same exact thing everyone else was fawning for.

I used to run out and buy every console and game I liked at their launch. Because I wanted to be one of the first to enjoy it. Then I thought...why? I can save money and use that extra money for even more games or life things. Or put another way, my saving that money allowed me to use it on PSVR, 2 more Move controllers and tons of VR games.

If you can or CAN'T afford something, waiting can get you a better deal than being locked into a contract like All Access.

Apocalypse Shadow139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

Also, if Microsoft has this deal for next Gen, and is offering 100-150 games to play at launch , then what would be the point of buying any games at launch? What happens to the smaller developers? Or any AAA launch game?

What happens to the used game industry if no one is trading games and consoles in to buy a new console and is financing?

What games would you actually own physically? You wouldn't because you couldn't even afford the console. Or are you going to buy games on credit too?

If Xbox Two is a 4K console, how is it that a gamer can afford the TV(4K) it will play on but can't afford the console? Unless the TV is a fee on top of another fee you'll be financing.

What happens if you miss a payment? Is the interest higher than average?

If PS5 is $399, and still has dozens of *free to play* games without PAYING for PSN like you would have to for XBL, why would you bother with financing? You could be playing FTP games instead of paying for services and locked into a contract.

If the cloud, BC, EA Access, Game Pass, Kinect, a lower price, the "superior xbl," cross play PR, "the most powerful console in the world," etc didn't stop Sony's freight train worldwide, what makes gamers think that *FINANCING* will tip the scales in Microsoft's favor next gen? What's going to be the magic bullet after that? And after that? When most of the world is not buying into the greener pastures but flying the blue skies?

Kribwalker139d ago

“Also, if Microsoft has this deal for next Gen, and is offering 100-150 games to play at launch , then what would be the point of buying any games at launch? What happens to the smaller developers? Or any AAA launch game?”

i’m pretty certain companies are getting a cut for being on gamepass. Otherwise they wouldn’t be on gamepass