Europe-Nintendo: de Blob Review writes "Based on a PC game, de Blob is one of the newest Wii titles out on shelves. It's published by THQ, and is regarded as one of the better Wii titles out this year. But is it any good? Well, yes it is. It combines crisp, cartoon-style graphics with original, yet compelling gameplay.

De Blob is a very unique kind of game. It's similar to what you would get if you combined a 3D platformer (like Super Mario 64) with a Paint game (Super Game Boy, Mario Paint). Honestly, I've never seen a video game quite like this before. The premise is that an evil corporation known as INKT has invaded a peaceful little town and has replace the lush, bright, colorful city into a Black and White, dull city under fear (think when a country invades another country and takes it over.). Anyway, there's only one person that can save them, and that's Blob AKA you. With the help of 4 other characters, you'll use your ability to absorb color to re-paint the city and stop INKT's evil plans.

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