Mythbusters Take On Halo 3

Grundy The Man writes, "Nearly everyone is familiar with the Discovery Channel show, Mythbusters. Some industrious gamers have decided to take matters into their own hands, going through and testing numerous myths associated with Bungie's Halo 3. They have managed to produce 5 episodes worth of mythbusting goodness and the video evidence leaves nothing to doubt. Check out each the five episodes here..."

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JimmyJames703745d ago

I'm pretty much done with Halo 3, but these videos were pretty cool.

bgrundman3745d ago

yeah, I was, but knowing these game quirks makes me want to jump back in and try them out for myself. You going to give it a try?

JimmyJames703745d ago

I traded away my copy of Halo 3 a long time ago and got several other games in exchange.

bgrundman3745d ago

It amazing how if you have the right game, you can end up getting several others for it in exchange. Kinda funny how that works.

demondoor3745d ago

with the music on the first one i just couldnt watch it all without slitting my wrist, other than that it was a nice show

bgrundman3745d ago

Thank you, I knew that the videos would be appreciated by n4g's audience.

jonnyp7773744d ago

..that was a little harsh. Angels & Airwaves is awesome. What would you prefer, some Jonas Brothers?

Keele3745d ago

Mythbusters kicks serious ass.

bgrundman3745d ago

Amen to that brother. this kind of reminds me of the viral myths episode I saw recently. Makes me grin just thinking about it.

Jimmy the Greek3745d ago

some interesting video. i havent had the time to watch all of them but the myth about grenades not sticking to each other, with the exception of the spike, is kind of true and kind of false when it comes to the plamsa. i swear ive seen video of a frag getting blown off the floor and catch a plasma in midair. the plasma wont stick to live grenades but maybe to dormant ones. its possible the frag no the floor threw the plasma off and just followed its new path.

bgrundman3745d ago

Maybe we should see if these guys could be hunted down to test that, thank goodness forge allows us to test damn near anything now!

Thatlalala3745d ago

What's up with the Elite not being able to get to get hit in the neck. I liked the one about taking the Pelican down to.

bgrundman3745d ago

I was wondering how a bug that significant could actually make it through the QA process. That is kind of a glaring problem!

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The story is too old to be commented.