Soul Calibur Halloween DLC: Look Before You Buy writes: The most recent Downloadable Content for Soul Calibur IV has been out for a bit. Xbox LIVE advertises it as extra Halloween clothing for your custom character sets. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm hesitant to buy anything whose only purpose is virtual eye candy if I can't see it first. GotGame consumer reports has got your back, with a behind-the-purchase look at what is available.
Let the fashion show begin.

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Venomish3649d ago

yea i bought this when it first came out on PSN, and yea I was really pissed. only 4 pieces or worthless clothes
a real rip off
I decided not to buy any more SCIV DLC, including yoda( extra character for 5 bucks??!!!! namco is trying to rape the sh!t out of our wallets)