Shenmue 1 Is a Flawed Mess But That is What Makes It Special

COGconnected: Shenmue 1 is one of the most flawed games I've ever played yet several of those flaws are part of why the game is so unique.

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Fist4achin98d ago

Just picked it up and will be giving it a try soon for the first time.

98d ago
Stalmaster98d ago

I personally don't think it has aged at all well, and wasn't all that fantastic when it first came along. But its legacy is undeniably impressive.

Eamon98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

I just finished Shenmue 1 for the first time. I have to say it's a very odd game. The fights are awful and I would be really annoyed if it wasn't for the fact there are hardly any battles in the game anyway.

One could compare Shenmue to a click and point adventure game. The gameplay is mainly investigating and finding clues. You need to speak to everyone and look at everything in order to figure out what to do next. There is a lot of attention to detail - so much stuff can be interacted with, even if it's just to zoom in onto them. It makes you forget that this was a Dreamcast game. The most annoying part of the game was the forklift section. Because the game runs on a day/night cycle (that can't be fast-forwarded) with events ONLY occurring at specific times, the forklift part of the game really tested my patience.

I understand that the combat is based on Virtua Fighter. But it really is cluttered as hell. I dunno if there was a delay from Xinput on my PC, but it was a nightmare to perform combos. Also, the health bar is just a basic hit meter that regenerates over time. You don't use items or enhancements or armour or anything. You can master moves, but what does it achieve? Does it make the moves more powerful or just make the button combinations easier? Most fights are simple anyway. Only the boss fights are headaches.

The story is... well... another odd thing about the game. It seems to have a lot of potential but rarely anything significant occurs in the game. I finished the game with a lot of unanswered questions. Hoping Shenmue II addresses these and not just keep you in the dark.

Overall, Shenmue is definitely unique. The game clearly had a huge production yet combat is not central to its gameplay. It's supposedly an RPG but there's 0 character progression or customization. Money seems to be pretty pointless in this game for anything other than 1-2 main story needs. You can only really spend it on arcades or the vending machine. I may sound very critical, but it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the game. I did enjoy it quite a bit but the title of this article describes Shemue 1 very accurately - a flawed mess but that's what makes it special.

SovereignSnaKe98d ago

It *is* a mess and takes some adjustment to get used to the controls but I can't stop playing it. It has heart and charm underlying some terrible execution. It's like the Deadly Premonition for the Sixth Console Generation.

Prince-Ali98d ago

you guys keep giving this game a pass and i dont get it... For its time this game was amazing and the idea was novel but this game has aged HORRIBLY!! The game design alone makes this game a 3/10 loool

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