Streets of Rage 4 hands-on: welcome back to 1992 | VG247

"Yes. It feels like classic Streets of Rage. Today I got to play Streets of Rage 4. I’m full of emotions. All the nice ones." - Matt Martin

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DivineAssault 411d ago

Im so happy we're seeing a major comeback with titles like this, sonic mania, toejam & earl, shenmue, etc. I still have my genesis copies of this game in their cases. American box art is hilarious. This new art style looks just fine to me. Comix zone style. Theres a game that needs a remaster & remake/sequel

mockzer0411d ago

I'm so excited for this! My brother and I used to play 1-3 (mostly 2) all the time!

SegaGamer411d ago

My favourite was the first one and it still has one of the best sound tracks from any game.

DivineAssault 411d ago

I used to play them w my brother and friends all the time.. Mostly 3 because it was so damn difficult and unlocking Shiva was awesome. Part 1 was my least favorite but i bought it anyway because it was the start of it all and it had Adam. This game better bring him back!

KyRo411d ago

This first one will always be the best one for me. The sound track, level designs, bosses were so much better than the two games after it but I cannot wait to see how this one pans out .

PurpHerbison410d ago

Rather bittersweet. I'm not sure why a lot of these excellent games from back in the day return looking like glorified flash games. Sonic Mania is actually an excellent example of how to do it correctly.

SuperSonic91411d ago

I know its gonna be a great sequel.

MWH411d ago

SEGA doing the right thing at last.

What do you think they should do next? Golden Axe, Shinobi, Altered Beast? Post your wish and it just might come true.

MWH411d ago

in case you don't know, check out:

- Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap
- Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Venox2008410d ago

I want Comix zone remake and sequel

MWH410d ago

1 Comix Zone remake and 1 sequel on the way.. anything else sir? 😉

Imortus_san411d ago

Graphics look more like Comic Zone them Streets of Rage.

MWH411d ago

I agree. I don't like it that much to be honest but between this and oblivion, i'll take it with open arms.

Imortus_san410d ago

That's my exact feelings, better this them nothing, just hope gameplay is good and good level design like before.

meganick411d ago

I’m not in love with the art style but it’s cool this sequel is being made, and hopefully it’s fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.