x360a: Golden Axe: Beast Riders Review

Review by Lee Abrahams:

"Golden Axe will forever be remembered as an arcade classic and one of those games that can still be a blast with friends if you can bring yourself to dust off the Megadrive (and remember which of the pads had that dodgy A button). Sure the game could be finished off in just over an hour but it was fun to bash some gnomes, stomp around on beasts and (accidentally) beat up your chums. It's with some sense of anticipation then that I approached this glorious update, as surely you can't go too far wrong with a winning hack and slash formula.

While the game is published by SEGA the actual developers are Secret Level, and considering their past projects have included the lamentable America's Army and the forgettable Iron Man, it seems that we are going to be in for an uphill struggle. Throw in the fact that we haven't had a Golden Axe game since 1993 and you'll start to wonder why the franchise was suddenly resuscitated. Sadly, once you actually start playing the game these feelings of anxiety will only increase."

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