Ultra Ninjas: Crysis Warhead Review

Review by Jay:

"It never rains but it pours. While I'd like to say that being a full-time resident of the UK I'd get used to that fact, having a short-lived summer has really sucked. I suppose it could be worse, I could live on a flood plane and be constantly assaulted by overflowing rivers ruining my furniture. The other bright side is that there's a swath of games coming our way, and while that's in the near future I thought I'd catch up with a couple of titles we hadn't got around to. Crysis: Warhead, a standalone expansion for the original story was one of those few.

While theoretically there's not much more to write in the game dynamics department than what I'd said on the original Crysis game from Crytek, it's worth a mention as there are definitely some good additions. Mainly they've gone for improving the performance, the gameplay and the multiplayer which is great rather than just shrink wrapping it with another flavour of the original game. So what's new?"

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