Riot Games prohibit men attending a panel, call fans manbabies

Riot Games will be hosting sessions during PAX West on several topics in the industry in order to support women and non-binary people. The goal is noble but execution is wrong, as they apparently decided to fight sexism with more sexism.

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doggo8448d ago

Crappy developer, crappy game

Liqu1d48d ago

I'm sure mainstream media will ignore this blatant sexism.

ginganinja48d ago

They ignored it for years whilst Riot games was institutionally discriminating against women in its workforce. But, a 1 hour panel, yeah that's worse..

pinkyxyz48d ago

That doesn't even properly correlate. Both things are bad. They afre fighting sexism with sexism. Please think before posting.

CarlDechance48d ago

Ok, so as long as it is just a one hour panel, sexism is fine. Got it.

-Foxtrot47d ago

Already are

They are doing a Battlefield V where they pin point one thing and twisting it. Like how all the criticism of Battlefield V was watered down to "it's because there's a woman in the game" they are saying this is all because "woman are allowed to talk".

Missing the real point and legit issues raised.

Snookies1248d ago

And, just like that I'm never buying any of their games. Hadn't heard of them until now though. Guess they did get their name out there. So, points for that, I guess.

GameBoyColor48d ago

As far as i know. They don't sell any games. Just bank off of skins in league of legends

The 10th Rider48d ago

And characters. The free characters rotate in and out and you earn or buy the ones you want permanently unlocked, unless things have changed.