Conan Exiles for PS4 Was Almost Sold Out in Japan

Not only Conan Exiles sold a lot of copies in Japan for a western game, but it also sold 96.4% of its initial shipment according to Media Create.

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SublimeStylee248d ago

So many people in Japan just got screwed by Funcom. Surprised they didn't research this bug filled atrocity before purchasing. 99% of #conanexiles is negative comments and few remaining players wanting answers. Sad that games are allowed to release in such broken states. The game is trash.

47d ago
XiNatsuDragnel48d ago

Oh boy people need to chill for a bit. Research why this game is poorly recieved

psuedo47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

They must like the slong slider, or is that only on PC?

conanlifts47d ago

Maybe it is mistaken for Hentai.

DVAcme47d ago

This is wothout a doubt the most bizarre headline I have read in months.

Drithe47d ago

When 99% is 990 games out of 1000, Mislead much?

elazz47d ago

It sold around 32k copies physical copies. in the time writing your comment you could have looked it up.

Also in Japan games with this kind of sales ratio usually tend to do well digitally. I expect a FW of above 40k first week for this game although I'm not sure how legs would be. Regardless if this game reaches close to 80k it would already be considered a massive success for Japan. A revenue of 5m dollars is a nice addition.

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