Valve Is 'Very Aware of All the Jokes' People Make

Valve talks to IGN about its reputation, and why they're finally in a place to make games again.

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Skull521138d ago

Glad they are in a place to make games again since AAA is abandoning steam in favor of their own platforms.

Stalmaster137d ago

Indeed. Funny coincidence that they suddenly find themselves "in a place to make games again" after years of drought. It's almost like they've just rested on their laurels and now realise they're losing ground in the industry...

Spartacus10137d ago

They were trying to win most arrogant video game company of the millennium award, but since Cloud Imperium Games are almost guaranteed to win it, Valve have accepted defeat and gone back to making games again.

Agent_00_Revan138d ago

I'm sure they are aware. But they're just too busy rolling around in their beds made of cash to care.

Kados138d ago

Bed frames of solid gold and water mattresses filled with printer ink.

starsi360137d ago

All well and good, but if that mattress springs a leak they are going to end up looking very very silly with their big magenta faces.

Needless to say, we will have the last laugh.

Azurite138d ago

"Very aware of all the jokes" = 3 words start with a vowel, Half-Life 3 confirmed!

Fist4achin137d ago

Awesome, i was thinking of rearranging letters to spell the different words for the number 3, three, tres, tre, tri,...

-Foxtrot138d ago

If they know then I don't know why they haven't done it fun to kind of fall from grace within the gaming community. Does it feel good to know people are making jokes and talking about you? Instead of latching off Steam how about you actually make games again and by that I don't mean TF2 updates and DoTA 2 stuff.

Left 4 Dead 3 with the original survivors
Portal 3
Team Fortress 3
Counter Strike
Help expand GMod on consoles I'm sure Gary would like it on more platforms
New IPs like the cancelled Crossing game
Either remake Half Life yourself or get one of the many projects out there
Half Life 3...obviously

So much to do, so little time.

MaxiPower90138d ago

Bills voice actor died fee years ago i believe RIP.

-Foxtrot138d ago

I was thinking about that, for me there's two paths they could take

1) Hire a new voice actor

Continue the story where the DLC never happened and the gang goes North instead of South, their original plan

2) Continue on from the DLC where Bill is dead and replace him

They are headed to Florida, a lot of older people go their to retire, could easily find another older character, maybe a older woman this time...who dosen't want to see a sweet little old Grandma be a badass.

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The story is too old to be commented.