Bargain Bin: Ninja Edition

"Ninjas are cool. There's no denying it. They breathe cool, they sweat cool, they have other bodily functions that expunge coolness. So whenever a video game comes out featuring a ninja, even in a completely historically inaccurate manner, it's generally something to be celebrated. Of course, there are a rather stupefying number of lousy ninja games out there, but we're just going to ignore that for now. And while ninjas might be cool, that doesn't necessarily mean you want to pay too much to imitate them. Thankfully as we tend to do here at the Bargain Bin, we have found some affordable, quality alternatives for those of us who can't afford even a single shuriken. Playing ninja may be fun, but playing it while still having cash for all those flashy holiday games on the horizon is most certainly better. "

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VirtualKatz3649d ago

This really helps out people short on cash, keep this things going! Great suggestions!