Capcom Discusses Dino Crisis Remake, But In An Unusual Way

In an interview, Producer Tsuyoshi Kanda and Director Kazunori Kadoi hinted on a possible development of a Dino Crisis remake.

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AK911734d ago

Would love a Dino Crisis Remake in the vein of RE2R

SuperSonic911734d ago

Dino Crisis 2 was an absolute blast!
One of my all time fav!

snoopgg1733d ago

dino crisis 2 was one of my favorites also.

SuperSonic911733d ago

Dino Crisis 2's Regina was my instant waifu back then

Drithe1734d ago

Great game series. But I think they need to completely remake it from top to bottem for a new start.

tigertron1733d ago

A remake needs to happen, or at very least, a true sequel to 2.

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