Sega Asks If You Want More Yakuza Games After Kiwami 2

Sega poses the question: how interested are you in remasters/remakes of existing Yakuza games? Gamespot's answer: very.

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hulk_bash19872094d ago

Yes.....a thousand times Yes. I can never get enough Yakuza.

warriorcase2094d ago

My sentiment exactly. Just spoon feed me more Yakuza please Sega. I'm already dreading finishing Kiwami 2 and waiting for the Yakuza 3 remaster western release wait.

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SuperSonic912093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Yes x 10 and a 3D Streets of Rage option too.

ApocalypseShadow2095d ago

I want more Sega franchises after Kiwami 2.

Can I get a House of the Dead and Virtua Cop VR please? And a side of Skies of Arcadia 2 and Phantasy Star 5 for dessert? Thank You.

Venoxn4g2093d ago

there is that new arcade House of the dead game..hopefully they can do it for VR..Video looked awesome

Srhalo2095d ago

Why would they even ask... Honestly, Yakuza has pretty much become Sega's most popular franchise.

Noclos2094d ago

Isn't that true, now we relate Sega success with Yakuza, more than Sonic ever did since dreamcast days.

Srhalo2094d ago

Well... I wouldn't go that far, Sonic is still BY FAR Sega's most recognized game/character. And when Yakuza first came out Sonic was still more popular. It's really only recently that Yakuza has gained an audience in the west something Sonic has always had.

kreate2093d ago

Regardless of recognition, does Sonic still sell? I feel like Yakuza rakes in more money.

Srhalo2093d ago

While Yakuza has gained in recognittion recently the games still struggle to sell even a million units.

And when you say Sonic doesn't sell as well as it used too your talking about a franchise that used to sell 5+ million units per game.

Even new "bad selling" Sonic games still sell more than Yakuza games. I think people don't actually realize the numbers