Fable II brings the funny

The key to Fable II's charm, suggests the Globe & Mail, is a sense of humour so genuine that it will earn belly laughs from anyone who shares it. From the story:

"A funny--that's funny strange, not funny ha-ha--thing happened amid all my chuckles. In hopes of finding a few more laughs, I started really listening to the game's dialogue. What's more, I actually took the time to search for and leaf through random books that exposited the history of Albion and its characters. In other words, I was unconsciously seeking to create a deeper connection between myself and the game world.

This is a desire that game makers have struggled (and usually failed) to elicit from the people who play their creations since the invention of the medium. Humour, it turns out, is a clever and effective means of making players sheath their swords for a few minutes and take an interest in a game's story and writing."

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