7 developers sign up for revolutionary new Enjin Multiverse

Learn how the Enjin Multiverse is revolutionizing the way video games are played. Using blockchain technology, seven developers have worked out a way to allow transferable game assets between their games. Is this the future of gaming?

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SlappingOysters1066d ago

This -> " Imagine, for example, you were playing Call of Duty and you decided you’d prefer to use the AK-47 from Battlefield. This concept would mean that within the Call of Duty ecosystem, you could buy that Battlefield gun and begin playing with it. "

TekoIie1066d ago

I doubt we'll see AAA developers making use of this. For Modders and Indies though I can see this being very useful.

MWH1065d ago

lol the magic word: "buy".

dillydadally1065d ago

Is it just me or does this seem like a really stupid idea?

For example, guns in different games are balanced for the game they're in. A gun in CoD would be OP in any other game because they have no recoil. This extends to all sorts of items in different games, not just guns. They're all specially balanced for the game.

For another example, most games have at least a slightly different graphical style, meaning just straight transfer of assets wouldn't look right and lower in polish and quality of their game. So they'd have to spend time altering the assets for their game.

So, as a result, a developer would have to program all sorts of items from other games to fit in their game... All without any promise of getting funds for those items... And which would potentially draw a player away from their game to a different game. Why would a big game like Cod do this?

No_Pantaloons1065d ago

"This gives everything in a virtual game world – including a player’s investment in time - a real-world monetary value. Something that can be traded, sold or HODLed."
Since when has this ever been something a publisher has been pushing for. If anything it will be another means for them to add unnecessary micro-transactions. Items earned in one game can be used in another...... after you pay to transfer it.

And things like unlocking (side quests,items) sounds interesting, but in practice isnt fun unless to happen to like the other game as well. I remember when blizzard gave the maltheal mount in hots by playing diablo 3, fine with you like both games, but those who didn't hated it and felt like they were being locked out for no reason.

At the very least it gives them greater control as now several games are linked to a single account. I can't believe that will lead to anything but more shady business practices.