Month of Metroidvania: Who Came out on Top?

The Metroidvania genre has often seen many releases but this many rarely get put out within weeks of each. While Chasm narrowly missed the deadline, Dead Cells, Guacamelee 2, and Death's Gambit filled out the month. But how do they stack up to each other?

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amazinglover1614d ago

I really think Dead Cells is stretching the definition of Metroidvania. Other than needing upgrades from a few bosses there isn't much that makes this a metrodvania, with that said Dead Cell is the winner here hands down.

jznrpg1614d ago

Chasm is a fun game , it gets really tough toward the end . Dead Cells is a great game and Deaths Gambit is ready for me to play but need to finish Chasm real quick like

oIITSBIIo1614d ago

Dead Cells is not a Metroidvania, it's a Roguelike game, I played it around 30 hours it's fun but I got bored facing the same bosses in every run, they should've added skip boss option.
Guacamelee 2 was disappointing for me, unlike the first one which I enjoyed so much.