PSVR Sales Soar And Wild Duke Nukem Game Rumors On BJ Shea's Geek Nation On KISW FM

For his segment this week on BJ Shea’s Geek Nation on KISW FM; the Rev and Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed discuss The PSVR reaching 3 Million units sold and what it means for fans. They also discuss the new Elite Pro 2 from Turtle Beach and the wild rumors of a Duke Nukem Battle Royale game.

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playnice50d ago

3 million is nice but is it enough?

Garethvk50d ago

3 million more than MS or Nintendo and more VR games coming. So others are missing out.

Dom_Estos50d ago

That's a good way of putting it.

I'm hopeful it'll sell at least twice that by the end of its cycle. That's a good first run out, hopefully enough for Sony to go for another attempt with better trackers, controllers. Just widen the FOV, and even double the resolution for each eye and they'll get my money.

StormSnooper49d ago

I’ve been meaning to try that! It looks impressive

Abnor_Mal50d ago

Three million is nice, but it's just a start. Everyone sitting back to see how it does, but it will never get off the ground if all everyone does is sit back and wait to see how the medium grows.
Sony also needs to have some of it's first party studios make games for the device. That would show that they have a lot of confindence in the product. Make a known title be vr compatible, or fully vr. Make a fully fleshed out Syphon Filter vr game, or another series that's been idle for years. Give people more of an incentive to get the PSVR.

Teflon0250d ago

They should bring back a social chatting thing like home. Give it extra function for VR users. Similar to VR Chat. That alone gives people a reason to use or get it. They understand the benefits that way. When it's just a proper first person experience, it's nice for racing but that's it really. Games like beat saber and VR chat are what give you a reason to own. Not Skyrim and doom, even if they're great games because it doesn't really add to the experience in a way that warrants it

Venox200850d ago

I still believe that Doom VFR with Aim controller was pure amazeness

Abnor_Mal50d ago

There is something like Home on PSVR call Rec Room, where you can play a few games and create an avatar and have social interaction with others. It also seems to be updated regularly from the emails I constantly recieve.

Abnor_Mal50d ago

@Venox2008, DoomVFR was insanely fun to play, and in my personal opinion better than Farpoint as far as action goes. The last few levels of Farpoint were a bit boring fighting the humanoid aliens and the sky drones, had more fun with the insects.
I wish I could play the console Doom in full VR also, as I kind of stopped playing and never finished. May replay VFR then go back to the console game this winter.

ImGumbyDammit50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I am glad for people that bought a PSVR and are still enjoying it. But, the PSVR has not been a success for Sony. They even stated so at their recent investor's meeting. Three million is way off from their expected numbers at this time. And if you know one thing about companies they try to put the best spin on things towards investors without outright lying (which would be highly illegal). And I doubt there was a massive run on to get PSVR since that investor's meeting in May. So, 3 million is not near their planned goals for the device. At the time they said it was "underperforming expectations" and ended it there. That is a big tell. Companies don't make negative statements unless there is no other way to get around it through semantics. Sony definitely expected the attachment rate to be above 3.5%. If I were a betting on a number I bet internal projections were for at least double (6 million) by the end of the second year.

And I agree Sony itself must take a more proactive role with game development for the PSVR with their own studios. They do have one first party studio making games solely for VR: Manchester Studio.

Abnor_Mal50d ago

In truth the price was way too high for the complete set up. I paid over five hundred dollars for the hmd, the two move controllers, the camera and PSVR demo disc as a set. Then at to it the charging stand for the move controllers and one DS4, Until Dawn Rush of Blood and VR Worlds. Not sure if Robinson: The Journey was also out at the same time. I'm sure many were not willing to spend that much and should have brought it down a hundred bucks.
I'm not sure I've heard of Manchester Studios, will have to check, but I meant to say they (Sony) should get Naughty Dog or better yet Guerilla Cambridge to do a Killzone VR game.
Hopefully others start to pick it up to tryout Firewall: Zero Hour, from what I've heard it plays a lot like Seige, and the Aim controller is very precise. The devs just have to include more levels and maybe gsme types, cause so far I hear it's only one level if I remember correctly.

Moe-Gunz50d ago

9 maps 1 game mode but they have other game modes already made. They just didn't want to split the community up on launch.

Dom_Estos50d ago

Where you at this meeting? Can you give official quotes on that from a source?

Sony said they are selling every unit at a profit. It's a zero risk venture for them, so we'll wait and see. One thing is for sure, VR as a market is virtually brand new, and it's growing by the year.

Bennibop50d ago

Firewall zero hour should boost psvr sales, it is excellent and so much fun to play!

RememberThe35750d ago

WTF? BJ does nerd stuff? I thought if it wasn't Alice in Chains or Led Zepplin it wasn't on KISW. This station is freakin timless, we have The Men's Room and now this? I might have to finally trun my radio from 710.

adamwparker49d ago

BJ is a WAY big self appointed nerd.
His geek nation podcast isnt on KISW 99.9 radio though. Only his rock morning show with Migs is. You have to stream/download it from their site. Mon, Wed, & Fri.

BJ is a huge Star Trek & Lost In Space fan and boardgames every weekend.

Doesn't get more geeky than that. I've been listening to Geek Nation for a decade now. I just enjoy the crew.

RememberThe35749d ago

Too bad it's not on air, but shows are better as pods anyway.

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