Are Some Fans Already Rejecting Cyberpunk 2077?

Most gamers love Cyberpunk 2077 already, but not everyone does. Why is that?

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cabbitwithscissors50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Immersiveness. That's what CD Projeckt RED is going for. They want you to feel like it's you in the game. Most RPGers are used to the fact that they are playing with a group of characters with no semblance of being the character being played but merely leading a character towards a goal, and most RPGs are played as a group of characters and not just one character, "Yourself". This is the game mechanics of that particular game. For Cyberpunk 2077, they are going for a first person view as in you being the character being played and being immersed in this world and being committed to the role and being responsible for the decisions that you make and the results from those decisions. Definitely Not like some top down God leading some character around.

Either that or most of these people get sick playing games in FPS, so they're bitter about it.

Edit: Future VR, here we come !!!

joab77750d ago

I don’t understand why some ppl can’t understand. Have they played Bioshock? Half-life, Dishonored etc? Bioshock is one of the most immersive games ever made!

And w their ability tow world build and tell a story, this may be one of the most immersive, character-oozing games ever made!!!!

milohighclub50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I've played all those games and a hefty list on top of fp games. I don't remember the last time I invested more than a couple of hours in to one tho. You can recite a list of fp as long as your arm, some people just don't like fp games.. Not that hard to understand.

"this may be one of the most immersive, character-oozing games ever made!!!!"

It also may not be, and the fact that its fp instantly alienates a huge install base. All they have to do is add the option to chose your view and it would likely sell a few million more copies.. It's simple, people are different, we have different tastes.
We ain't all soulless clones that will buy a game just cos it has certain devs attached to it. We buy games that appeal to our gaming preferences. This could get perfect reviews from 400+ reviewers and for me it will still be a wait til the goty version is super cheap before buying for the simple fact that its unlikely i'm gonna put more than 6 hours into it before I get fed up at the camera and never play the game again and for that reason, I ain't paying £60 for it..

Lynx020750d ago

I have played Bioshock, Half-life, Dishonored, Wolfenstein and Deus Ex. After a couple of hours I am always too bored to continue. I understand that games are great, I really get it. But I don't feel it at all. I don't feel "immersed", more like a camera hanging in the space, if I don't see the character I just cannot immerse myself. The only recent first person game I liked is What Remains of Edith Finch. Is it really that hard to understand that different people have different preferences ?

ArchangelMike50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Dude have you played Mass Effect? What about Dead Space? Dark Souls? Bloodbourne? TLOU? Heck even GTAV. I could go on an on, but you get the point. There are very many IMMERSIVE third person games out there.

Coming off The Witcher 3, arguably one of, if not THE most immersive RPG of this generation, it is only natural for fans to expect Cyberpunk - another deep RPG, to also have a Third Person view.

The argument for immersion doesn't hold water. Many games have immersion in third person view. What is likely the real issue is dev time and resources needed to add third person animations for every player interaction in the game. It's just easier to make a game in first person, and I think CDPR are wanting to get this game out sooner rather than later.

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Exvalos49d ago

Yeah and bioshock is not an rpg, RPGs need to be in 3rd person PERIOD!!

Imalwaysright49d ago (Edited 49d ago )


Why would anyone expect this game to have third person view when CDPR never said that it would have it? The game was clearly built to be played in first person view from the get go so I have no idea of what you mean with them wanting to release the game asap. They're making the game they want to make. Also to accomodate third person view they would have to do much more than animations. They would need to completely change mechanics particularly the gunplay and character movement and add new mechanics like the obligatory cover system.

joab77748d ago

@milohighclub. And I believe you made a point that makes me respect CDPR even more. They aren’t making the game to sell to the largest possible audience. The Witcher began as a niche IP that many gamers ignored until the 3rd installment.

I think they have a vision they won’t deviate from and THAT is the reason I have so much confidence.

There will be plenty of non-FPS rpgs to play, so for those who simply can’t find value in an open world rpg from a first person perspective, they won’t go hungry.

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AspiringProGenji50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

You can also have that immersion on a Third person game that lets you create your own character. That is you, not a character that already exists. 1st person may be more immersive for obvious reasons, but in a game that gives me tools to create a character I rather be able to see the character most of the time

Fist4achin50d ago

It is CD Project Red and im sure they wont disappoint. People are probably complaining bc the development going into this is taking a long time. I think everyone has to chill and instead have some appreciation for their quality they bring to gaming. I will be supporting this and in the meantime while waiting for Cyberpunk 2077's release, i have plenty of other games to keep me distracted.

Bourne41449d ago


I dont know if adding a TP perspective would be that easy. I'd be happy either way, but looking at FPS RPG's that have both (Elder Scrolls games and Fallout) they have both, but the first and 3rd person both have their own pros and cons. I never felt like playing one of those games in Third person because of how clunky it felt to do so.

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capjacksparrow50d ago

Just wait until there's one less puddle in the final game. That's when the real rejection will start.

joab77750d ago

And then like TW3, work will spread about how great it actually is and everyone will begin raving about it again!

deckardreplicant50d ago

I see what you did there you sly dog

FPSFox50d ago

I think this first-person concern is being blown way out of proportion. People who like the Witcher are RPG fans, first and foremost. Are RPG fans going to miss out on potentially one of the best RPGs in the last decade simply because it's not in their preferred perspective?... My guess is no, and the ones that actually answer yes to that question are few and far between IMO.

KyRo50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Some great RPGs have been first person. Deus Ex, System Shock, Borderlands etc. It's simply gamers whining over something so minor. Look at the whole Spiderman thing right now. It's embarrassing and shows that the medium still has a lot of growing up to do.

milohighclub50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

@fps Your guess is wrong.
@kyro you know what I thought when I played those games?? Man this game would be 10x the game if it was 3rd person. I never finished any of them due to the view.
Ok so people having a preference towards what games they enjoy and purchase is immature and they have to grow up?!?!
There is growing to be done but its on behalf of all those showing sjw agenda at anything with a female lead or undead to yourself because you are yet to understand that we're humans, we are all different and enjoy different things. And that's okay, its not childish, it's not pathetic, it's perfectly normal.

FPSFox50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

If my guess was wrong, that would mean CyberPunk 2077 isn't going to sell too well because there are a substantial amount of people THAT ALL OUT REFUSE TO BUY THE GAME because it's first person... Are we really making that claim?... Warning, a massive eye roll is coming if you actually answer yes.

Funnily enough, you sorta' confirmed what I was saying "You know what I thought WHEN I PLAYED THOSE GAMES?".... So... As I said... you bought it because you're an RPG fan, lol.

The amount of people who will refuse to play a great game simply because of its viewpoint are a very small percentage of the gaming community. Also, lol at your other comment "All they have to do is add the option to chose your view and it would likely sell a few million more copies" No... absolutely not, pull your head out. If you think A FEW MILLION are going to not support this game just because they can't see their character on screen, you've got your head in the clouds. It blows my mind you actually believe this many people are outraged to the point of missing out on something entirely. Nope. Just plain nope.

milohighclub50d ago

Fps nahhh we're not making that claim, you're taking what I've said and trying to twist it into something I never said.

The game is gonna sell incredibly well as it's no doubt an interesting game that has the attention of a lot of people, it could and would sell better if they added options that catered for a wider range of players.
How we did the witcher 3 sell? Now lot of those players bought the game because it was a 3rd person fantasy rpg... A lot of those players ain't gonna just jump to a futuristic 1st person rpg. Some people have certain preferences, and stick to them for their own reasons. Yano!?
Some will do, but not all players.
It's like saying, Oh you're like final fantasy!? You're gonna love Titan fall..

No I didn't buy them because they were rpgs at all, I bought them because they had decent write-ups or had an interesting premise.
Stop trying to put words in my mouth.

Wait, wait wait, you're saying that a gamer will buy a game no matter the view just because its a good game. And it won't have any impact on game sales??
Then why was it the first complaint after reveal?
Why has this brought so much attention?
Why are we even discussing it?
Trust, there are people who will wait until it makes sense to them.
I'm just one vocal example.
Why would anyone pay 50/60 quid for a 40hour game that they know they will play for a handful of hours?
Why do games release close to the holidays? Because publishers know their audience is for the most part broke and saving their money for a game that fits their needs.

Lets say cyberpunk was releasing the same time as sekiro, Do you think someone saving for sekiro would take that money and spend it on cyberpunk instead?
They're both rpgs so according to your logic, that's all that matters.

KyRo50d ago

You've taken what I said out of context. Welcome to 2018 people! I didn't say anything about people needing to mature over a preference in view. Its the medium as a whole that needs grow up. People are acting like a child who cannot get their own way by saying they will boycott over a puddle (this is happening as I write this) or a pov. If you don't like it fine. Don't buy it, but don't moan and complain then act like you're entitled to something that the developers never intended to be there. A game is their vision.

I really hope they don't cave in to a minority that thrive off complaining on Reddit and forums all day more than playing games themselves.

milohighclub50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

A medium can't grow up because it isn't a living thing. So it's aimed at the followers of the medium.

I never said you said that about a view... I said it over people having a preference in types of games they enjoy.

I won't buy it until I feel its a worth while investment. This is what I've said throughout. No need to tell me to do something, I've already openly stated that I'm doing.

Entitled? When you buy a shoe are you entitled for expecting it to fit?

So 'the medium needs to grow up?
Maybe it starts with removing this kind of mentality; "I really hope they don't cave in to a minority that thrive off complaining on Reddit and forums all day more than playing games themselves"
So you don't want the devs to add an option that will cater for all? For what reason? Because people want to support the dev and give them money? It's not gonna take anything away from your experience. So really you just want to spite these peple for wanting an option that will cater to them.

Ur right, gamers need to mature. Universally.

KwietStorm49d ago

So you don't like some of the best games ever made because they're not 3rd person. Cool. That's your prerogative. But maybe, just maybe people should be a little open minded and not act like something has to be done a certain way for it to good or enjoyable. That's what's immature about it. Look at the game for what it is, not for what you want it to be.

FPSFox49d ago

If you were part of a group that's a few million large, you wouldn't be the only one in the comments with this viewpoint, and you wouldn't have all your comments voted negatively into oblivion. Stop pretending millions aren't gonna buy this game just because they can't have their character on screen. it's a joke.

You know what I'm willing to bet? The number of people that are skipping this game because it's in first person... ARE WAY SMALLER compared to the number of FPS shooter gamers that will jump in because it resembles something closer to their tastes.

You're the 0.001%. Nothing wrong with that, but please, don't pretend you're massive in scale. You're loud because it's the internet and anyone can be loud. If Anita Sarkeesian can have a loud voice, so can the 0.001% not buying this game because of the viewpoint.

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letsa_go50d ago

The SJW who wrote the article is just upset they won't get to see their pink mohawk 100% of the time they are playing. Non-issue for normal people!

CP_Company50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Another snowflake who watch his own needs instead of beeing open and support the developers vision.

Yeah, fpsfox, i will agree. Just to add the 3rd person is not enough, later they will ask more and more stupid needs. There is a line. Developers knowns what are they doing and what is release window and finances and talent and so on. There are no multiverse games, there never was and never will, but there is always a small group of people whom will bitch around with their needs. If you are not a small child, get over it.

For me personally, i have just one need from all gaming industry, that games should be technically working in order.

milohighclub50d ago

Another snowflake who watch his own needs instead of beeing open and support the developers vision.

I'm sorry what?

I'll reiterate my analogy below...

I might as well go buy a pair of trainers in a size that doesn't fit just because people rate them. God forbid I want the company to release a shoe that fits my (average sized) feet.

Should I just go out and buy the shoe just to support the shoe makers vision?

starchild49d ago


Bad analogy. It's more like the shoe having an inch thick sole and not coming in purple, but you think the shoe should be available in purple and have a half inch sole. Instead of simply not buying the shoe, you whine incessantly and believe yourself entitled to the version of the shoe you want.

letsa_go49d ago

@starchild, that is a perfect explanation. Couldn't have said it better myself!

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Lynx020750d ago

No, I am not. I am third person game fan and The Witcher (novels) fan. That is the reason I played the Witcher. I am also cyberpunk fan. I just hate playing in first person. So in my opinion first-person concern is in perfect "proportion". This is the game I would love to buy and play, everything looks amazing etc... but I have to pass it because of the first person perspective.

DonkeyWalrus49d ago

That's pretty stupid dude. What, are first person games too hard for you? I've literally never understood how a person who claims to be a gamer can actually feel this way. Why would you place such a limit on yourself? Whether you're in first or third person, you're still walking with left stick, looking with right, left trigger aim, right trigger shoot... I mean they really aren't all that different in terms of controls at least. What is your issue? I mean you're really not going to buy a game solely for the reason that you cant look at your characters ass 100% of the time? Bullshit dude, and if that is true, I hope you seek help soon.

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bluefox75550d ago

I'm sure some people are, but I'm not sure that justifies concern troll articles. The game looks phenomenal and will obviously be a huge success.

DarkVoyager50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

“Are Some Fans Already Rejecting Cyberpunk 2077?”

I’m not. This game looks amazing and is my type of game. Love the Cyberpunk setting.